About Us

Fuzhou Ponerine Global Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in a variety of metal sign, wall clock, metal tray, full-color planter, bottle opener, and other decoration products. Our products have been widely applied to household decoration, outdoor decoration, coffee shop decoration, pub decoration, and so on.

We have imported many metal printing presses, drying machines, punching machines, other equipment production lines, and advanced high-precision equipment. All of them are what we want to improve our productivity and make high-quality products.
Fuzhou Ponerine Global Trade Co.,Ltd. serves customers in more than 160 countries across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

We are highly appreciated for everlasting innovation and strong production ability. Please feel free to contact us with your detailed inquiries. We are looking forward to hearing from you in the near future for joint cooperation.

The company’s internal structure, divided into General Manager’s Office, the purchasing department, operations department, technology department, quality control department, finance department, and human resources department, a total of seven departments.

Our philosophy is “to create, integrity, gratitude.” Since the company set up, we praise highly five main ideas and a spirit as following.

Market philosophy: find and explore the most suitable products for our market and strive to achieve the highest share.

Employing the concept: people-oriented, respect for people, caring for people, inspire people, train people, cherish each employee’s creativity, provide a platform for each employee to achieve self-worth, the person’s value is the most important, using the employee performance system to scientific evaluate people.

Talent Concept: the company offers opportunities for employees, employees for the company to create wealth.
Service concept: service, perfect, to meet customer needs, and exceed customer expectations.
Business philosophy: in this fast develop Internet market, in order to benefit as the center, depending on talents, capital, market-oriented, depending on the reputation for life, always concerned about the customer, everywhere improve ourselves, innovation efforts, the courage to challenge the market.
Teamwork: through self-struggle to achieve personal values. Common development of the company and employees through the same team goal as the starting point, unity seek together, stresses cooperation for efficiency, mutual respect and help each other, trust each other and love each other.

Ponerine Team